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[alluring] portable inanimate things I saw on the street on my daily* shelter-in-place** walks but decided not to take home (an exhibition)
dimensions vary

The work is as stated in the title and the visually-captured text to the left.

*Frequent enough to be remembered as [pretty much] daily.
**Shelter-in-place mean(s/t) different things to different members of the community.

Garden study
dimensions variable
edition 1/2

Gather 280 or more of these lidded containers* and fill** each with a different something. Stack them as evenly as possible and water them three or more times a week for many weeks, never exceeding twelve waterings a week.

If a container cracks, it’s recommended it be responsibly disposed of and its contents*** transferred to an unused container.*

*I.e. 8 ounce clear plastic deli containers.
**Upwards of 80% full is recommended.
***If its contents have spoiled, they should be transferred all the same.

dimensions variable
edition of 2

The work is explained in this video.* If you’re able to achieve the work, and are the first or second person to send photographic/videographic documentation of its realization to the artist, the artist can shortly thereafter issue you a signed certificate of authenticity for the work.

*The video is also a work and available for purchase at a discount.**
**30% of a sale will be donated to the organization linked to the word FREE in the caption above.

eBay sculpture
edition 2/3

please refer to the writing on the wall.

Pharmacy study
dimensions vary
edition of 2 + 1 AP

The work asks its owner to commit to repeatedly forgetting* to pick up a needed pharmacy prescription. The prescription must be one prescribed by an M.D. for the owner’s personal use, based on an existing, (semi-)chronic, condition [of the owner’s]. Though it may prove impossible to experience this process in non-pharmacological, inconspicuously biological, aesthetic terms, the artist suspects** it might be akin to considering an artwork that provides no immediate pleasure, yet yields to an unhabitual state of consciousness not unakin to some notions of the (absent) divine. (Somewhat-)Alternatively, and perhaps preferably, the artist thinks** the experience could approximate a semi-comfortable lowish-anxiety state of ennui, apathy, and amusement.

*I.e. remembering-then-forgetting.
**The artist also suspects/thinks that, in no uncertain terms: this process risks bringing medical harm to its experiencer***.
***The artist could find no better word.

Publishing Study
70 x 16 x 21 inches

The work is a host for a text, as seen in the above photos. Though the work is meant to function as a material/sculptural presence in its own right, it also asks its viewer-reader to consider uncommon means for publishing literature on their own.

Sculpture #9
dimensions variable
edition of 2

If you’re able to produce the work proposed in the illustrated instructions* below, and are the first or second person to send photographic/videographic documentation of its realization to Darren Bader, Darren Bader can shortly thereafter issue you a signed certificate of authenticity for the work.

*This visualization is also a work,** and is available for purchase at a discount.*** The work can be printed at any size and on any medium. Here it is installed.
**In addition to the visualization being a work by Darren Bader, it is also a work by Sara Rabin (and when considered such, non-collaborative).
***30% of a sale will be donated to the organization linked to the word FREE in the caption above.

dictionary sculpture*
dimensions vary
edition 1/2

The work asks its owner to press song shuffle on a music library containing no fewer than 250 songs, at least 75% of which contain lyrics. The first song-with-lyrics that plays is the one the owner should transcribe/copy-paste the full lyrics of. Once this has been done, the owner should petition one or more of the leading dictionaries of the lyrics’ language to recognize the full lyrics as a single dictionary entry.

*The artist is not certain of “sculpture” in this case, but will employ it for now.**
**The work’s owner can contribute to the work’s title. The artist may or may not accept the contribution.

BOTOX® and/with Poe socks
dimensions variable

The work has its owner inject a total of 100 units of BOTOX® into a pair of socks featuring Edgar Allan Poe’s likeness(es)*. Consult BOTOX® literature for diluent ratios best suited to this procedure. Repeating the procedure on the same and/or additional pair(s) of Poe socks does not alter the work.

*Several options can be found doing a web search.

Reanimation study
crude oil, LSD, mixing device

The work has the owner mix at least 900 ug LSD* into a standard, full barrel of crude oil. What chemically results is the work, more or less. The work can be transferred to additional vessels and/or repeated.**

*Lysergic acid diethylamide.
**This is unlikely to create additional works.

artwork for the back of a web browser window
dimensions vary
edition 1/2

The artist will make a work for the back, i.e. reverse side, of a web browser* [window] chosen by the work’s owner. The work will automatically transfer to new windows opened on the same browser. The work can exist on no more than four devices at a time.**

*At present, the work can only be realized for Firefox or Safari.
**As the work is an edition of 2, it could in fact exist on 8 devices at once.

Energy study
Dimensions vary
Edition 1/2

The work has its owner procure three or more dead mice.* The owner will then proceed to drop the mice into the gas tank of a working automobile or truck. It’s recommended the automobile/truck used be in the owner’s possession or on loan for the purpose of realizing the work.

The mice might not enter the gas tank with ease. This is to be remedied as the owner sees fit. Once the owner is fairly certain the mice have entered the gas tank, the automobile/truck’s engine should be started. If it starts, the owner can drive the vehicle to see how it runs.**

*These may be easiest to find at a pet store that stocks snake food.

**Although unlikely, driving the vehicle after fueling as instructed may prove injurious or fatal.***

***The artist would like to be clear that he has no interest in bringing about bodily harm nor fatalities (he’s also not keen on dead mice, but assumes they’d be dead regardless of what he’s keen on).

dimensions vary
edition of 8

The work has its owner devote 12 hours a day for 10 consecutive days to reading online articles. Note taking* is forbidden**. Within the 24 hours immediately subsequent to the completion of the 120th hour of reading, the owner must begin a 1200*** word essay that summarizes**** all they’ve read. This essay must be finished no later than 24 hours after it's begun.

Should the owner wish to extend beyond the 10 day period, 12 hour reading days remain a requirement. Summary word count = days x hours (give or take 5% total word count). The maximum timeline for finishing the summary is more or less: 1 day per 1000 words.

When a summary is completed, the owner sends it to the artist who then***** issues the owner the work’s signed certificate of authenticity. The work can be repeated and/or continued from there.

*This includes copy-paste operations and screenshots.
**Impunity is somehow impossible.
***Give or take 50-or-so words.
****This can be understood as the owner wishes.
*****If not one of the first eight to send the artist a summary as laid out above, the artist would unfortunately be unable to issue a certificate of authenticity.

local real estate sculpture (New York City)
dimensions vary
unlimited edition

The work asks its owner to fill* at least three vacant indoor commercial spaces** in New York City.

Once the spaces are filled, proof of this*** would need to be shown to the artist. Proof received, the artist would issue the owner a signed certificate of authenticity for the work.****

*The artist recommends considerable, even extreme, emphasis be placed on the word “fill”.*****
**I.e. the entirety of an interior commercial space on the rental/sale market. Spaces can be contiguous, though it’s recommended at least one not be.
***This includes a requisite site visit in addition to correspondence and/or contracts that support the owner’s claim of integral involvement in the space filling.
****The certificate would state that the spaces need to remain filled, as witnessed during the site visit, for at least 5 years.******
*****Re filling (and potentially unfilling), the artist recommends keeping local and global ecology, i.e. “environmentally friendly,” i.e. “green,” in mind.*******
******If living beings present for the purposes of the site visit are an integral part of the “fill,” the work accommodates any common/quotidian comings and goings.*******
*******The artist recognizes these words could be interpreted liberally.
PS. INVENTORY hasnt experienced much success. If youd consider supporting some of that work (in particular those works not my own), it would be most appreciated.
PPS. This work remains available. June 29th would now be Oct 29th.