The work has its owner procure three or more dead mice.* The owner will then proceed to drop the mice into the gas tank of a working automobile or truck. Its recommended the automobile/truck used be in the owners possession or on loan for the purpose of realizing the work.

The mice might not enter the gas tank with ease. This is to be remedied as the owner sees fit. Once the owner is fairly certain the mice have entered the gas tank, the automobile/ trucks engine should be started. If it starts, the owner can drive the vehicle to see how it runs.**

*These may be easiest to find at a pet store that stocks snake food.

**Although unlikely, driving the vehicle after fueling as instructed may prove injurious or fatal.***

***The artist would like to be clear that he has no interest in bringing about bodily harm nor fatalities (hes also not keen on dead mice, but assumes theyd be dead regardless of what hes keen on).