The work asks its owner to fill* at least three vacant indoor commercial spaces** in New York City.

Once the spaces are filled, proof of this*** would need to be shown to the artist. Proof received, the artist would issue the owner a signed certificate of authenticity for the work.****

*The artist recommends considerable, even extreme, emphasis be placed on the word fill.*****

**I.e. the entirety of an interior commercial space on the rental/sale market. Spaces can be contiguous, though its recommended at least one not be.

***This includes a requisite site visit in addition to correspondence and/or contracts that support the owners claim of integral involvement in the space filling.

****The certificate would state that the spaces need to remain filled, as witnessed during the site visit, for at least 5 years.******

*****Re filling (and potentially unfilling), the artist recommends keeping local and global ecology, i.e. environmentally friendly, i.e. green, in mind.*******

******If living beings present for the purposes of the site visit are an integral part of the fill, the work accommodates any common/quotidian comings and goings.*******

*******The artist recognizes these words could be interpreted liberally.