The work has its owner devote 12 hours a day for 10 consecutive days to reading online articles. Note taking* is forbidden**. Within the 24 hours immediately subsequent to the completion of the 120th hour of reading, the owner must begin a 1200*** word essay that summarizes**** all theyve read. This essay must be finished no later than 24 hours after its begun.

Should the owner wish to extend beyond the 10 day period, 12 hour reading days remain a requirement. Summary word count = days x hours (give or take 5% total word count). The maximum timeline for finishing the summary is more or less: 1 day per 1000 words.

When a summary is completed, the owner sends it to the artist who then***** issues the owner the works signed certificate of authenticity. The work can be repeated and/or continued from there.

*This includes copy-paste operations and screenshots.

**Impunity is somehow impossible.

***Give or take 50-or-so words.

****This can be understood as the owner wishes.

*****If not one of the first eight to send the artist a summary as laid out above, the artist would unfortunately be unable to issue a certificate of authenticity.