The work asks its owner to commit to repeatedly forgetting* to pick up a needed pharmacy prescription. The prescription must be one prescribed by an M.D. for the owners personal use, based on an existing, (semi-)chronic, condition [of the owners]. Though it may prove impossible to experience this process in non-pharmacological, inconspicuously biological, aesthetic terms, the artist suspects** it might be akin to considering an artwork that provides no immediate pleasure, yet yields to an unhabitual state of consciousness not unakin to some notions of the (absent) divine. (Somewhat-)Alternatively, and perhaps preferably, the artist thinks** the experience could approximate a semi-comfortable lowish-anxiety state of ennui, apathy, and amusement.

*I.e. remembering-then-forgetting.

**The artist also suspects/thinks that, in no uncertain terms: this process risks bringing medical harm to its experiencer***.

***The artist could find no better word.